Customer POS Screen in convenience store POS screen

About The Ad Space


Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA; Miami, FL 33130, USA

About this space:

This ad will be placed on the POS screen where to customer views the items being purchased. It is a still image. We can offer video for an additional cost.

About this convenience store POS screen:

Advertise direct to customers spending money with guaranteed views by advertising on our POS systems throughout Broward and Miami-Dade County. The customer looks at the ad when they are looking at their items being rung up. Each store gets at least 500 customers a day- about 15,000 views a month! We are offering an introductary offer on Spacewolff for $1,750 a month (normally $2,000) for advertising on 3 systems.

About Alexander Press:

A Digital Social Media Marketing powerhouse, The Press Factor combines targeted marketing strategies with innovative media software to help your business reach the people who matter most, your customers. In this new age of digital social media marketing, promoting your business is key to being successful. However, it is also very time consuming and confusing to manage all of those social media accounts when you have a business to focus on. Thats why you have us.

Press Factor

About The Audience

Approximate Reach:


33% men
33% women
33% other
All ages
33% Upper Class (> 100K)
33% Middle Class (50K - 100K)
33% Lower Class (< 50K)
Where they live:

Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

Miami, FL 33130, USA

Interested in:

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Filetypes Accepted:

svg, ai


8.0W x 10.0H (inches)

Need By:

May 21, 2018

Next Available:

Jun 20, 2018

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