Flyer for Wall Near Patio Door in The Point Cafe

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1101 13th St, Boulder, CO 80302, USA

About this space:

This would be for the wall near our patio door in the back of our cafe.

About this The Point Cafe:

We are a coffee shop that is community-focused. We largely serve the college community of The University of Colorado at Boulder. We are a space to meet friends, work on projects, learn, and, above all, to enjoy coffee.

About Trisha Vallone:

The Point Cafe is a community-focused, coffee centered space, focused on providing our customers with top quality taste. We are a place for a quick cup of coffee or a long, leisurely conversation. Located in Boulder, CO, we largely serve the college community of The University of Colorado at Boulder. We are a space to meet friends, work on projects, learn and, above all, to enjoy coffee.

The Point Cafe

About The Audience

Approximate Reach:


25 - 55
18 - 24
Upper Class (> 100K)
Where they live:

Boulder, CO, USA

Louisville, CO, USA

Interested in:
Coffee, Nightlife, Fashion, Technology, Startups, Biking, Fitness, Food, Music, Women In Technology, Local Events, Exercising, Fast Food, Cooking, College Football, Local Dining, Travel, Healthy Eating, Higher Education, Medical School, College, Workout Clothes, Business School, Social Media, Gyms, Hiking, New Technology, Online Dating, Organic Food, Yoga, Dieting, Dance, Wine, Sports, Happy Hour, Twitter, Dating Advice, Women's Fashion, Men's Fashion, Camping, Tech Events, Fast Casual Dining, Music Festivals, Tech Conferences, Local News, Students, Student Life, Live Concerts, Mountain Biking, Colleges, 3 D Technology, Gadgets, Information Technology (It), Health Care, Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies, Colorado Avalanche, Ashtanga Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Siddha Yoga, Tantric Yoga, Craft Beer, Local Activities, Skateboarding, Concerts, Medical Marijuana, Health Analytics, Technical Writing, Happiness, Trendy Restaurants, Trendy Bars, Local Guides, Gluten Free, Nightclubs, Date Night, Ladies Night, Minorities In Tech, Black Women In Tech, Latinos In Tech, Tech/Startups, Local, Local Business, Socializing, Cooking Food, College Parties, Continuing Education, Exercise, Healthy Cooking, College Sports, Working Out, Tech Conference, Health, Travel Fitness, Travel Reviews, Student Debt , Start Up Life, Tech, Startup News, Tech News, Hispanics In Tech, The Outdoors, Community Organizations, Foodie, Beer, Drinking Alcohol, Food Trucks, Marijuana, Marijuana Law, Recreational Marijuana, Music Blogs, Cannabis Blogs, Musicians, New Music, Colorado, Denver, Boulder (Colorado), Breweries, Craft Breweries, Local Sports, Student Organizations, Student Activities, Student Resources, Student News, College Professors, Graduate Programs, Growing Marijuana, Medical Marijuana Licenses, College Athletes, College Admissions, Recreational Sports Facilities, Local Politics, Intramural Sports, Pastries, Yoga Apparel, Vinyasa Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Healthy Aging, Adventure Travel, Outdoor Activities, Law School, Local Bands, Healthy Lifestyle, Bikram Yoga, Cooking Classes
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8.5W x 11.0H (inches)

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