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Must commit to three months! Your listing can be in 1-2 categories, in 1 city, have 1 image and some text about the business, the business address (GPS included), a phone and email contact, website listed, social media accounts listed, up to 5 special offers for your customers, a detailed map location, user reviews, promoted sitewide on our medical marijuana blog, and promoted via our social media channels.

About this potlocate.com (online directory of all things pot):

Across the world marijuana can be legally used in the Netherlands, Spain, Colombia, South Africa and Uruguay. If you want to travel to a country which has legalized cannabis it is important to follow the rules otherwise you may get into trouble with the law. Tourists can legally smoke weed in the USA (8 states plus DC), Netherlands and Spain. Medical Marijuana is legal in Australia, Canada, Germany, Turkey, Israel, Italy, Macedonia, Czech Republic and Mexico. For more information as to the legality of marijuana and medical marijuana, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legality_of_cannabis_by_country. We can help you to find the right doctor, dispensary or delivery service. It is our goal to only list quality businesses, we encourage our visitors who have experience with any of these businesses to write reviews. That way anyone who uses our directory can get a good overall impression of the business. If you live in the the USA check the state laws to see whether medical marijuana is legal in the state you live. For Canadian residents you can find out more about whether you can purchase medical marijuana in Canada.

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We are the largest network of marijuana, vape, and related industry media sites. We have a large network of traffic and can help you grow your business whether it be involved with hydroponics, seeds, vaporizers, medical marijuana, grow lights or any marijuana related business.

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