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Priority Realty Partners is South Florida’s premier Real Estate Company, dedicated to serving the general public with representation for the sales, Lease and Purchase of Residential and Commercial properties. Priority was founded by experienced Real Estate Broker Maria A. Raimundo, and Sales associate, Christopher S. Raimundo, in April of 2015, with our first office situated at 3 SW. 129th Avenue, Suite 200, Pembroke Pines Fl. 33027 The Real Estate experience behind the company began in 1997 in the City of Allentown, Pennsylvania, when Christopher Started studying and investing in Real Estate, personally having experience with residential and commercial multifamily investment properties. After a successful Real Estate venture in Pennsylvania, Maria and Christopher Raimundo, moved their investments to the State of Florida in 2004, in the Hollywood and Miami area. Before the founding of Priority Realty Partners in Pembroke Pines Florida, they worked with three different Real Estate companies for 10 Years, including almost 7 years under the largest Real Estate Company in the word in 2015. Maria and Christopher Raimundo, are devoted believers of a higher Power than himself, and have total and complete dependence to their higher Power for this and every venture embarked. Priority Realty Partners is founded and operated with that in mind. We operate with Integrity, Truth, Transparency, professionalism, and a focus on the success of each individual Real Estate agent that comes to work with us, and every client that we have the privilege to serve. That’s the reason why Priority Realty Partners and its founders truly serve and treat each Real Estate Associate and customer as our #1 Priority.

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3 SW 129th Ave, Pembroke Pines, FL 33027, USA

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