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What’s coming can’t be ignored. Smartphone usage is growing exponentially and replacing computers at a rapid pace. By 2020, there will be three-time growth to 6.1 smartphone users globally. Smartphones are not the only devices using Bluetooth. A year ago Bluetooth was being used in 8.2 billion devices around the world from smartphones and laptops to speakers, beacons and cars. Bluetooth has become one of those unsung heroes that has helped us get through our daily lives. This is set to grow rapidly in the coming years as the Internet of Things (IoF) phenomenon kicks off. If you follow discussions about the IoF, you’ve probably heard since 2010 of this stunning prediction at least once: The world will have 50 billion connected devices by 2020. Although that may now be overoptimistic, it seems 30 billion is not unreasonable. That’s still huge considering at least a third of devices are already Bluetooth connected. Now is the best time to begin because everyone will need new devices to benefit from Bluetooth 5. While the odds are good that most of your older Bluetooth devices will still work with new Bluetooth 5 equipment, they almost certainly won’t benefit from its extra capabilities (i.e. these older devices will still continue to work at their original speed and distance). Thus, any user looking to take advantage of the entire expanded feature set of Bluetooth 5, will have to purchase all-new Bluetooth 5-ready gear before anything else. Therefore, while the dynamic and ever evolving world of smart and connected things including beacons is still in its infancy, these significant improvements in speed, power consumption, range, and capacity of Bluetooth 5 will definitely open doors to huge opportunities in the proximity space. The Mobile Werkes branded VCard Global Bluetooth Enabled Smart Card is being positioned in this space and will be able to kickstart the V Card user in under 15 minutes without a developer’s help!

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6513 132nd Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98033, USA

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