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Katie Mchatton

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100% between 13-100
Total Mix of All
33% earn $0-50,000
33% earn $50,000-100,000
33% earn $100,000-1,000,000

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I'm a flight attendant so I don't have a typical day. Depending on what type of audience you want to see your ad I can plan a day around it.

Type of Ads Prefered

Fashion, Animals, Fitness, Food, Advertising, Fast Food, College Football, Art, Data Analytics, Apps, Automation, Martial Arts, Augmented Reality, Professional Athletes, Apple Watch, Dating Advice, Dog Adoption, Cat Adoption, Pet Adoption, Antiques, Airfare, Algorithms, Android, Android Apps, Amazon, Aerospace, Advice, Airbnb

Ad needed

2 days prior to each publication or post date

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