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A blog/video/podcast series on futurism, technology and the politics surrounding these industries. I am also planning an rv road trip across the US and Europe at the end of this year.

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Data Science, Startups, International Travel, Local Events, Computers, Big Data, Software Development, Online Shopping, Venture Capital, Travel, Healthy Eating, Gardening, Higher Education, Social Media, Robots, Politics, Crowdfunding, Hiking, Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Clean Energy, Automation, New Technology, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Weight Loss, Meditation, Mindfulness, Silicon Valley, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Digital Marketing, Space X, Twitter, Java, Java Script, Tech Events, Vegan Restaurants, Vegetarian Restaurants, Cyber Security, Initial Coin Offerings, Tech Conferences, Chatbots, Biotech, Creative Thinking, Small Business, Recycling, Pinterest, Kids, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurs, Aerospace, 3 D Technology, Algorithms, Parenting, Podcasting, Space Travel, Image Recognition, Sustainability, Information Technology (It), Internet Of Things, Enterprise Software, Solar Panels, Application Programming Interface (Ap Is), Alpha Tau Omega, Local Activities, General Ai, Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (Laws), Narrow Ai, Quantum Computing, Legal News, Medical Marijuana, Consumer Electronics, Environmental Law, Visualization (Data), Game Development, Quantitative Analysis, Blog Writing, Email & Marketing Automation, Happiness, Robot Overlords (Artificial Intelligence), Gluten Free, Farm To Table, Minorities In Tech, Black Women In Tech, Latinos In Tech, Growth Hacking, Wildlife, Advertise In Podcasts, Advertise On Websites, Travel Fitness, Successful Women, Startup News, Tech News, Hispanics In Tech, The Outdoors, Community Organizations, Horticulture, Hemp Oil, Hemp Products, Home Service Businesses, Growing Marijuana, Grow Cabinet, Grow Lights, Hydroponics, Nutrition, Adventure Travel, Juice

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politics, the environment, sustainability, narrow ai, general ai, artificial intelligence

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