Laptop stickers, water bottle stickers, door sign, t shirts, etc

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Kylie Pandolfi

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Personal Object Signage

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100% between 20-30
33% Men
33% Women
33% Other
33% earn $0-50,000
33% earn $50,000-100,000
33% earn $100,000-1,000,000

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I usually go to classes in the morning and then my friends and I go to a local coffee shop to get some work done. I have my laptop out at both of these places . I then will do something fun around Atlanta (where my college is located) or relax, and then I get work done in the library with other students with my laptop as well. I am also willing to wear logo t-shirts and place a sign on my dorm room door, as it is an area that many people walk past.

Type of Ads Prefered

Trendy Restaurants, Local Activities, Fortune 500 Companies, Museums, Travel, Music, Fitness

Types of Ads Not Wanted

Drinking Alcohol, Strip Clubs, Trendy Bars

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0 days prior to each publication or post date

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