Large Stall Ad in Women's Bathroom

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2700 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI 48912, USA

About this space:

This is for a large ad on the stall of the women's bathroom.

About this Women's Bathroom:

This is the women's restroom of the bar.

About Scott Bell:

Hosting such a diverse mix of national music is mac’s strength however carving a midwest niche for herself was a long and arduous process, much akin to the distillation of a fine scotch or the character and complexity achieved in the creation of an artisinal beer, but it has made her famous. Macs has one more aspect which keeps them coming night after night, tour after tour, year after year… the ENERGY! No other bar or venue can compete with the buzz of Mac’s Bar! the grimy floor- intimate atmosphere- and signed promo shots paired with whirling guitars, bass drums, rubbing shoulders, beautiful women, whiskey, beer foam and crowd screams of joy all combine to evoke the much beloved musical spirit that is MACS! A downright staple in the Midwest and Michigan bar scene Macs has been a favorite for singles + drinkers + music buffs college students and thrill seekers alike for decades! and will continue to comfort and amaze in the years to come. Come in and feel the Buzz.

Mac's Bar

About The Audience

Approximate Reach:


30 - 40
19 - 29
Middle Class (50K - 100K)
Where they live:

Lansing, MI, USA

Oakland County, MI, USA

Jackson County, MI, USA

Lansing, MI, USA

Oakland County, MI, USA

Jackson County, MI, USA

Kent County, MI, USA

Charter Twp of Clinton, MI, USA

Macomb, MI 48042, USA

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png, ai, jpg, svg


1.5W x 3.0H (feet)

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