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We'll place this ad in the dashboard section for users that post assignments. All users that post assignments have to go through this page.

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Our website attracts contract lawyers, law firms, general counsels, and other businesses in the legal industry. K-Lawyers intends to become Internet leader in creating virtual departments in every law firm, big or small, where contract lawyers will be executing all kinds of legal tasks for those firms. K-Lawyers will break up the walls and bring more and more lawyers to work for other lawyers through the internet.

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k-lawyers.com is a breakthrough B2B platform designed to be a game-changer for the legal market. It allows law firms of all sizes the ability to expand their legal practice by entrusting their excess workload to U.S. licensed freelance, independent contract lawyers, whose costs are fractional in comparison to in-house or temp hires. This system allows law firms to grow exponentially, without any assumed risk, and keeps legal outsourcing domestic, creating jobs for lawyers within the U.S.


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Mostly 30-45
Mostly Upper Class
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Miami, FL, USA

Atlanta, GA, USA

New York, NY, USA

Miami, FL, USA

Atlanta, GA, USA

New York, NY, USA

San Diego, CA, USA

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