Tablet Tents in Gourmandine French Cafe

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6635 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33143, USA

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We'll put your table tent ad on all of our tables.

About this Gourmandine French Cafe:

We have a small cafe in Miami where regulars come to get coffee, a great French meal with their friends and family, or a nice frozen treat.

About Christophe Sarre:

It wasn’t until 4 years ago, when my husband asked me to open up a shop doing what I truly loved doing… in Florida. Miami. And the shop doors opened… Authentic products, flavors made from scratch, and aromas that brought out so many emotions… the taste of pistachio, the speculoos, the nutella… just to name a few. The Miami Award 2014, for best dessert restaurant, quickly followed. Then, we were honored and nominated TOP choice 2015 by, the most important travel website in Asia. Among 8,800 restaurants in the world for our hospitality, authenticity, and quality of products. And in 2016, I was recognized Best of Miami, Miami New Times. Most recently, I participated as Creator of Flavors at the Week of Talent 2016. Among us was, 2 star Michelin Chef, Michel Saran. With this talent and the success of our first shop, my husband, Jean Luc and I, have opened our second shop in South Miami. Our family business now offers more products. Like our fresh smoothies, French pastries and waffles, and fresh bread. At Gourmandine, we want you to come, share a breakfast, a lunch, or just take a pause with family or friends in a modern and relaxed atmosphere. I continue to develop new creations because my passion to make you discover A Flavor, A Taste, An Emotion, remains whole. Always my pleasure to have you at Gourmandine.


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4 - 15
29 - 65
Upper Class (> 100K)
Middle Class (50K - 100K)
Lower Class (< 50K)
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Miami, FL 33146, USA

Miami, FL 33143, USA

Miami, FL 33156, USA

Miami, FL 33146, USA

Miami, FL 33143, USA

Miami, FL 33156, USA

Miami, FL 33173, USA

Miami, FL 33176, USA

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