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This ad will be placed right next to the radio widget, so when people go to place the radio, they'll definitely see it.

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RadioBobby is a 24/7 eclectic radio station. In order for people to listen to it, they have to come to this website.

About Bob Linden:

Bob Linden, vegan for 29 years, animal lover and dog-spoiler, is the host and executive producer of the listener-supported non-profit production GO VEGAN RADIO WITH BOB LINDEN ( – the first-ever mainstream-media vegan animal liberation, health, and environmental program, now broadcasting for 12 years, having been heard on the Air America radio network, CBS and Clear Channel radio stations, XM, iTunes, TalkStreamLive,, with archives at and syndication starting soon on the Genesis Communications Network, the fastest growing radio talk network in the world – where Bob’s program will become its first “food” show.

Go Vegan Radio

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