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Fingertips seeks out 21st-century music with heart and spirit, grounded in one sort of rock'n'roll lineage or another but with feet planted solidly in the here and now. In 2014, the Eclectic Playlist Series was introduced as an adjunct feature—a monthly streaming playlist that willfully combines music from six or more decades of music

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Fingertips went online in 2003 and began life as a weekly guide to high-quality free and legal downloads, at a time when the digital world was in its infatuation stage over free and non-legal downloads. Here in the second half of the 2010s, downloads have gone out of favor, if you believe pundits and snarky Twitterers. (Tangential advice: do your best not to believe pundits or snarky Twitterers.) But here at Fingertips, free and legal downloads live on. So far. Fingertips has gone from weekly to monthly updates over the years. But the intention is still the same: to find high-quality songs, falling usually under the general umbrella of “rock’n’roll,” and review them attentively. As of 2014, Fingertips also features monthly streaming playlists, which mix together newer songs and olders songs, from six or more decades of music. I present music in the spirit of long-ago progressive radio, spotlighting only music that I really like, mixing genres and sub-genres, doing my best to ignore hype and fashion, not to mention Auto-Tune. Likewise do I avoid quantitative analysis, opinion polls, and crowd-sourcing. I find music I like, and I write about it, and I hope you like it too.

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