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1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500, USA

About this space:

This is a 4ftx2ft section of the hallway wall near the entrance to our building. This lobby has approximately 200 entrepreneurs that walk through on a daily basis. Our entrepreneurs are tech start ups, software developers, green industry experts and tutors onlinepreneurs.

About this Busy Office Signage:

This is a busy office building that people can rent temp offices from or meeting space from.

About this space owner:

I am a freelance virtual assistant. I have a passion for business growth and customer service. I work for busy entrepreneurs that need someone to help make their day to day operations run more smoothly.

Fingertip Virtual

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Total Mix of All
Mostly 30-45
Mostly Middle Class
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Nevada, USA

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png, jpg


48.0W x 24.0H (inches)

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