Why Every Business Needs A Newsletter

Sep 27, 2017

Growth. That’s what every business owner wishes for their businesses. Consistent growth and expansion to be precise. In simple terms, a business grows when its clients and customer base increases. The bottom-line of most businesses, if not all, is to to make profits and the more the customers a business has the healthier the profit margin. That task of bringing in more customers to a business lies with the marketing department. Equipped with different marketing techniques, marketers head to the market to meet potential customers and hope to make as many new clients as possible for their businesses. Traditionally, marketers had to go knocking door to door looking for new clients but with advancement in technology, you can sit in the office and still reach as many people as possible. One such tool is the email-newsletter.

E-newsletters are basically publications that are developed and distributed on a regular basis by businesses, clubs, societies or charitable organizations. These publications contain useful information about the business or its activities that are of interest to the customers. In today’s connected world, the reach of a business is unlimited and at the click of a button, you can send crucial information about your business direct to your client’s inbox. That’s how powerful newsletters are. They are vital tools that help businesses stay in touch with their customers and more often than not this results in direct sales. So how else can businesses benefit from e-newsletters? Let’s take a look at the various reasons why every business needs a newsletter.

1.         Maintain relationships with existing clients.

As mentioned earlier, businesses are able to stay in touch with their customers through e-newsletters. A business is as strong as its relationship with its customers and one way of building lasting relationships with e-newsletters. Happy customers would gladly do business with you again and most importantly they may recommend you to their friends. Referrals are by far the best marketing tool a business can hope for and e-newsletters have a big role to play in this.

2.         Stay ‘top of mind’ for your audience.

Newsletters are one way of staying relevant to your potential clients. People may like your services or the products you are offering but if they cannot “see” you then they may not purchase from you. As a business, you need to remain “visible” to your potential customers and e-newsletters provide you with the perfect platform to do that.

3.         Increases your conversion rate.

E-newspapers are usually designed with call-to-action buttons that direct your target audience to your website, e-commerce store or blog. If your newsletter is as captivating and informative as it should be, then the chances of your target audience clicking those call-to-action buttons are very high. The internet is getting crowded by the day and chances of your website getting noticed in the online haystack are minimal. E-newsletters with strategically placed call-to-action buttons that take your customers to the real thing are the way to go.

4.         Sharing newsletters is easy.

E-newsletters are easy to share and this increases your chances of reaching a much wider audience. Properly crafted newsletters entice those who have subscribed to them and they may decide to share it with their contacts. This increases the reach of your business.

5.         Promote an event.

Newsletters provide businesses with the perfect platform to promote their events such as sales and special giveaways.

6.         Cheaper than other marketing strategies.

E-newsletters are effective marketing tools with higher ROI than other marketing techniques. The financial and physical investment required to roll out an email marketing strategy is quite low and the expected returns are outstanding.

Now that the benefits of having a newsletter are clear, let’s see how to develop the best newsletter that your audience would gladly open and read.

Create a newsletter that converts.

A newsletter is only effective if the intended recipient actually opens and read it. Poorly designed and overbearing newsletters are usually spammed. This has the effect of reducing your conversion rate and the financial health of your business may be compromised. Here is how to develop the best newsletter for your business.

1.         Use the best email marketing platform.

Use the best platform for developing your newsletter for the best results. A good example, in this case, is MailChimp. MailChimp is easy to use and by far the most feature-packed marketing tool for small and medium businesses.

2.         Decide on the type of newsletter that you will be sending.

When creating newsletters, most businesses overlook the importance of ‘specialization’. Instead, they want to be everything to everyone and the result of this is the dreaded spam box. When developing a newsletter, pick a topic and stick to it. This way your audience have an idea of what to expect and this builds their excitement to your newsletter.

3.         ‘Interior design’.

The design of your newsletter is just as important as the content on it. The design of your newsletter should, therefore, be interesting. Use bright colors and design features to make your newsletter appealing. Use the colors consistently throughout your newsletter and avoid mixing colors up all in the name of ‘interior design’.

4.         Balance your content.

Avoid getting too ‘salesy’ with the content of your newsletter. In fact, newsletters should be more informational than they are promotional. A good balance would be 80% of the content focused on informing your audience on different things and 20% promotional content.

5.         Be creative with your header.

The header of your newsletter is the first thing your audience will see and if they are to click and reader further the header ought to be interesting.


A newsletter can greatly transform the fortunes of your business. Create one and see your business prosper.

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