How to Sell Remnant Ad Space

Dec 11, 2017

Everyone, and every business, has remnant ad space. As The Balance puts it, ad spaces that a media company or ad sales team has been unable to sell.

It’s not worth investing resources into ad spaces that aren’t selling, but if you don’t invest resources, the ad spaces aren’t going to sell. If you run a website, you could try these 4 ways to get ads on the site, but you won’t make much money and your visitors will grow sick of seeing the same ads over and over. But for the other types of media, such as podcasts, newspapers, digital signage, car ads, there isn’t a viable solution at all.

It’s becoming more and more challenging to sell all types of ad space and compete for advertising dollars, as the advertising industry is undergoing a massive shift. Even Proctor and Gamble and Unilever, two of the world’s largest companies, are cutting back on ad spend. So, when advertisers are spending less, and fewer new businesses are advertising, you have to either lower your prices and/or increase your ad sales resources. For most media companies, neither of those are an option. That’s why the market is seeing more remnant space, and you can see how the industry is trapped -- not being able to lower the price of its ad spaces, but not having the resources to increase sales.

Spacewolff was designed to solve this problem. Our peer-to-peer marketplace works as a free outsourced ad sales team; we bring the advertisers to you. We want all of your “remnant” space. Just because no one has purchased certain spaces does not mean they’re worthless; it means the right advertiser to capitalize on the audience of that space doesn’t know they’re available. Finding that advertiser can be difficult, but you’ll have a much greater chance of that advertiser finding you and that space in our marketplace. Advertisers are willing to pay a premium for spaces that get in front of their target market, and often do not discriminate on the type of medium.

While our platform was created with a media company frame of mind, any type of business or individual can benefit from the ad sales tools. Every single thing and space you own holds value for an advertiser; even the shirt you’re currently wearing (or not wearing, but seriously advertisers will pay you to get a tattoo). As we say, if it has an audience of at least one, it’s valuable to someone. While it’s not worth investing the resources to proactively sell sticker space on your backpack or laptop, it’s worth investing 10 minutes to list it on Spacewolff.

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