Bathrooms and Counter Area in BeiBay Tea

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1180 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose, CA 95118, USA

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We'll hang your ad in our bathrooms and leave flyers in the counter area.

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Quality milk tea / fruit tea/ snow ice, and other desserts/ food. free and spacious parking area.

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Two families, also good friends, love tea drinks. One time, they stopped by a tea store in their trip. They expected fresh and tasty tea drinks. Unfortunately, they did not feel the flavors of tea. They were so disappointed. Tea should be served freshly. They sat down and had a historical discussion. They thought that tea is a healthy drink with lower caffeine, healthy ingredients, delicate tastes, and profound cultural background. Why not open our own tea store to serve local community fresh and healthy tea drinks? BeiBay Tea was born. ​ The brand name BeiBay has special meanings. Two founders are from Beijing, working and living in Bay Area. They love these two hometowns and combine their names together—BeiBay. Also, the pronunciation of “BeiBay” is similar to “cup cup (杯杯)” in Chinese. When you have tea on your tongue, you can feel the sophistication of tea flavors, bitter, sweet, sour, and more. Is it exactly like our life? So, the slogan of BeiBay Tea is “Tea, Wisdom of Life.” You can recall different life experiences with a sip of tea. ​ BeiBay Tea dedicates providing fresh, healthy, and tasty tea drinks and a relaxing place to customers. This is BeiBay Tea’s mission and vision. Let’s enjoy together.

BeiBay Tea

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Mostly 30 - 45
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San Jose, CA, USA

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